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only 47€ instead of 197€

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Here's what you'll find in the Video Course:

"47 Video lessons divided into 5 modules for a total of 6 hours of video."

BONUS: 2 Special Reports 2 MP3 Audio Files of the Entire Video Course


To add 25 km/h to all your shots while reducing the number of unforced errors.


To win against opponents much stronger than you with intelligent tennis.

BEFORE and AFTER of those who have followed the method





47 Video lessons divided into 5 modules for a total of 6 hours of video

just 47€ instead of 197€

last 0 copies available

The benefits of Tennis Pro

Would you like to face your long-time opponent at the club and win with your head held high?

Have you always wanted to end points quickly, saving precious energy, even if currently you find yourself playing “randomly,” tiring unnecessarily, and risking annoying muscle injuries?

You play well during training, with fairly clean shots and without stress, but then in matches, it’s a whole different story, especially when you encounter the dreaded ‘Moonballer’ at the Tennis Club?

The list of the most common mistakes made by passionate tennis players could be endless…

But today I have 2 great news for you:

The first is that I have just finished writing the brand new Special Report “Perfect Tennis” to help those like you who love tennis and want to improve both technically and tactically.

(For the second good news, I’ll wait for you a few lines below 😉)

In over 80 pages, I personally deliver to you all the technical and tactical “tricks of the trade” to make your tennis truly perfect.

Thanks to my method tested on the field by more than 550 enthusiasts, you will finally be able to enter your club with your head held high and confident in your shots.

I have divided this report into 2 parts:

Here's what you'll find in the Video Course:

47 Video lessons divided into 5 modules for a total of 6 hours of video






47 Video lessons divided into 5 modules for a total of 6 hours of video

just 47€ instead of 197€

last 0 copies available

And it doesn't end here!
By purchasing Tennis Pro Now you are covered by the 2X GUARANTEE!

Get Tennis Pro now at a negligible price….

Apply the strategies contained in the Path (the lessons are practical and straight to the point, everything is organized to help you get results)….

Experience the benefits of having a specific Training Method for enthusiasts….

And if you can’t improve DOUBLE what your tennis is today….

Simply write to us at info@tenniswinnergame.com within the next 30 days and you will receive a full refund within 72 hours.

For this reason, accessing Tennis Pro today is a choice WITHOUT risk for your pockets.

Because my method is different from all the others

How did over 550 passonate tennis player improve their game using my method?

With specialized training.

Let me explain further…

If you’ve ever taken lessons from a coach, you probably know that training generally follows this pattern:

Some rallying from the baseline, a bit of generic technique on forehands and backhands, some serving towards the end of the session, and a friendly match to finish.

Well, this type of training, which I call Multitasking, is the most common approach but also the least conducive to early automation of correct movements or tactical-strategic patterns.

Indeed, if you train a bit of everything, your mind the next day has already erased many of the concepts it was trying to learn.

And this happens because you haven’t allowed your neural connections to create stable and permanent traces.

On the contrary, thanks to Specialized Training, by focusing on a specific detail, through systematic and qualitative repetitions, you have the opportunity to learn better and faster.

Scientific studies show that cognitive-motor learning improves as the stimuli decrease.

Applied to tennis, it means that the more you learn to narrow down your focus, the greater the chances of improving your technique in a short time.

But how can you achieve results quickly?

Specialized training is based on 5 fundamental principles:

  1. Focuses energies on one goal at a time
  2. Creates the right conditions for better automation of technical movements
  3. Technical movements are divided into sets and systematic repetition transforms the movement itself into automatism more quickly
  4. Enhances the ability to delve into detail and feel the specific technical movement
  5. Results come sooner and with less effort

All this makes you more accountable and more aware of what you’ll do on the court and you’ll reach a point of self-correction.

The best form of learning there is.

47 Video lessons divided into 5 modules for a total of 6 hours of video

just 47€ instead of 197€

last 0 copies available

About Me

I am Tiziano De Tommaso, a tennis coach who has integrated over 20 years of skills and experiences, first as a player and then as a coach, into the First and Only Existing Digital Platform in Italy Specifically for Passionate Tennis Player just like you.

As the founder of Tennis Winner Game, I have helped over 550 passionate tennis players improve their game thanks to the Sectoral Digital Training Method.

I constantly share videos, content, and initiatives with the aim of inspiring and assisting enthusiasts who want to achieve more results from their tennis in ultra-fast times.

In 2019, I was featured in the book ‘Italian Digital Excellences’, where on March 19th of the same year, I shared my story in Parliament, named as the First Sports Digital Entrepreneur in Italy.

Those who are using the method say:


Thomas Cordi

“I came in Italy with very bad habits. Now I’m able to break down the stroke in many segments and re learn the game. Now I know how can play in proper way and not as i played before with old style technique”


Flavio Menchinelli

“If you want to get to know this sport that has always fascinated you, this is the right path.


Marcello Schifano

“By putting into practice Tiziano’s ‘Pro Tips’, I won my first TPRA tournament.”


Christian Losi

The Sectoral Training TWG has been a game-changer for me. In two months, I’ve learned more than I did in a year from my coach because attention to detail makes the difference. For me, nothing else compares to this elsewhere.”


Alessandro Somma

In just two months, I’ve seen exceptional results and realized that I knew nothing about tennis before. Now, the results are immediate: TWG is the ideal solution.


Olaf Pilotti

In two months, I’ve noticed incredible improvements. My forehand has changed 360 degrees: if you see my old forehand, it looks like another player’s shot.


Andrea Vintani

“In the span of three months, my forehand is completely unrecognizable both in terms of technique and effectiveness, such as consistency, heaviness, and ball speed. I must say it’s truly an incredible change.”


Fabrizio Astolfi

“From my point of view, this is a unique service not only in the Italian landscape but also globally. I don’t believe anything similar exists compared to the level of training provided by TWG.”


Andrea Rindi

The meticulous technical analysis that Tiziano conducted on my tennis impressed me greatly: it’s as if I had a coach with much higher tennis profiles than mine.”

47 Video lessons divided into 5 modules for a total of 6 hours of video

just 47€ instead of 197€

last 0 copies available


The Tennis Pro Video Course is made up of 5 Full HD Video modules cataloged for the 2 Fundamental Areas of Modern Power Tennis: Technical and Biomechanics Area and Tactical-Strategic Area, Tactics (over 6 hours of video training)

Don’t worry at all about your level of computer knowledge. If you can browse the internet, write an email, and navigate through your computer’s folders, that’s more than enough!

It’s true that you can find everything on the internet, but they are bits of information, sometimes incomplete, sometimes wrong, and sometimes you find one thing in one place and another thing in another. Out there, there are thousands of enthusiasts just like you who would prefer a ready-made and polished solution, tailored to solve their problem and immediately available. They are willing to pay rather than waste time doing their own research.

No problem at all! I’ve also thought about those like you who are always on the go or perhaps prefer other formats. By purchasing Perfect Tennis today, you can download the audio version and listen to the report wherever and whenever you want.

“Of course, and I’ll tell you more. Not only will you improve, but you’ll also save a lot of money. Let’s not beat around the bush. In our industry, it’s not easy to find competent coaches who can convey important concepts and, above all, immediately help you improve. And even if you manage to find such a coach, as you know better than me, it’s not enough to see them once a month; you must give continuity to the lessons, which requires a significant financial investment.

With our Method, you risk nothing. The investment is minimal, the guarantee is on our shoulders, and thanks to an Advanced Training Program, you’ll be able to play well right from the start, without necessarily having someone watching you or telling you what to do. Our best students, those who have achieved immediate results, have followed the entire program diligently, immediately putting into practice the exercises on the court, using a ball machine when necessary.”

“Are you too old for this journey? Absolutely NOT! The perfect time to start is NOW.

What options do you have out there in the world?

You can’t turn back time, and you only have one life to live. I’ve seen with my own eyes many ‘differently young’ enthusiasts in this journey who have played mediocre tennis for years, and yet today they have come out of that annoying ‘tennis stalemate’ situation they were in and are enjoying their tennis, having fun, and winning more and more matches. Our Method works for enthusiasts of any age and skill level… Try it to believe it 😉”

Once the purchase transaction has been completed, you will receive an email within 5 minutes maximum where you will find the credentials (username + password) to access your Reserved Area.

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